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This site is about payment of the OPH e.V. membership fee for ordinary members.

Payment Period WS19/20[Bearbeiten]

The payment period WS19/20 (01.10.2019 - 31.03.2020) has ended.

Payment Period SS20[Bearbeiten]

The registration & payment period SS20 has been opened. It runs from 15.04.20 until 30.04.20. All necessary info has been announced on 15.04.20 via or via elevator notices.

Payment Procedure[Bearbeiten]

Use this template for the bank transfer (choose "for the rest of this semester", NOT "for the upcoming semester").

Do not pay the membership fee in advance. Instead, wait for our announcement, and then pay within the payment period.

Payment is done manually by you for each semester via the template, which also holds the membership fee for the current period. We announce the payment period for a new semester within the first month (April for summer semester, October for winter semester). The announcement is sent via mail from to all residents, and posted as elevator notices.

Bank transfer is the only option. We do not accept cash. Partial refunds are not possible.

If you have questions about the membership fee or payment, ask the house speakers


Q: I am a subtenant (Untermieter) / I have a subtenant (Untermieter) in WS19/20. Who of us has to pay?

A: Only one of you has to pay the full fee (preferably the main tenant (Hauptmieter)), then you both are cleared for this semester. But you both have to hand in a registration form individually for legal reasons. Main tenants: For future reference, if you go away for a whole semester, as a member you have the option to change your membership into a resting membership (ruhende Mitgliedschaft) for that semester, and then don't have to pay for that period.

Q: I moved in in May-September / November-March. Do I have to pay the full membership fee (currently 25€) for the running summer semester / winter semester?

A: No. For the running semester, you only have to pay for the remaining months of the semester, from the baseline 24€. Example: Moved in WS2019/2020 February -> October-January have passed, pay for February-March only -> pay 24*2/6=8€.