Verein Aufnahmeantrag (intern)

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(Weitergeleitet von Verein Aufnahmeantrag)
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In the WS19/20, the student self-administration in our tower has transformed into the registered non-profit association (eingetragener, gemeinnütziger Verein) OPH e.V. Whether you are a new resident or not: if you use the internet, the washing machines or any of the AG services, you have to become a member for the duration of your stay in OPH.

Registration Documents[Bearbeiten]

Registration Period[Bearbeiten]

The registration & payment period for WS19/20 has been opened. It runs from 9.1.20 until 31.1.20. All necessary info has been announced on 9.1.20 via and via elevator notices.

As explained in detail there, during this period you have to pay the membership fee in full, and hand in the registration form on time. Do it sufficiently in advance in your own interest.

Use this template for the bank transfer (choose "for the rest of this semester", NOT "for the upcoming semester"). Partial refunds for the fee are not possible.

Regarding the registration form:

  • Either fill out and sign the form digitally, and send it to (subject 'Aufnahmeaantrag' or 'registration'),
  • or

If you need assistance, come by the house speaker's rooms (113, 910, 102, 110, in the evenings), or to the network group office hours.