Verein Aufnahmeantrag (intern)

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(Weitergeleitet von Verein Aufnahmeantrag)
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The student self-administration in our tower is transforming into an eingetragener Verein (registered association). Whether you are a new resident or not: if you use the internet, the washing machines or any of the AG offers, you have to become a member for the duration of your stay in OPH. The official transition from the previous self-administration to the Verein takes place during October 2019. Thus, we hope to get all ~200 residents registered by ~the end of 2019.

Registration Documents[Bearbeiten]

The registration will be opened some time after the house senate on October 16. This will also be announced by the house speakers via mail to Then, you will find here

  • an Aufnahmeantrag (registration form),
  • an info sheet explaining the Why and How in short,
  • stuff that this form asks you to have read, like info about data privacy, and the association's current Satzung and Geschäftsordnung.

Registration Period[Bearbeiten]

The registration period will, if all goes well, run from roughly mid-November to end of December. When the registration has been opened (you will be notified, see above), you must in that time fill out the registration form and give it to the Vorstand / house speakers. You can do this by...

Newcomers will also be able to fill out and submit the Aufnahmeantrag at the newcomers' rallye.

If you need assistance, come by the house speaker's rooms (113, 102, in the evenings), or the network group office hours.

Membership fee & payment[Bearbeiten]

The new 'Mitgliedsbeitrag' (membership fee) will replace the previous 'Netz- & Hausbeitrag' (network & house fee).

Its amount will be set by the house senate on October 16. It has to be payed during the registration period in the usual manner by bank transfer.

So please do not pay the house and/or network fee for the winter semester (WiSe19) yet. Instead, wait for announcements by the network group and/or the house speakers.

Please note that both the registration form (Aufnahmeantrag) and the fee payment must be submitted for the registration to be valid.